Tuesday, September 8, 2009

security from virus/malware/spyware/threats

Virus and malwares are the most common threats for a regular internet user. Here are the few tipswhich need to be practiced on a daily basic which will help you to keep away from virus, malware, spyware attack.Thesetips are apart from having a good antivirus on your computer.

Update your Antivirus
Many of us have an antivirus installed on our system but I doubt how many of us spend time to update it regularly. It is very important to update the antivirus all the time.Updating antivirus means your antivirus software is aware of all the latest virus onInternet so without this information an antivirus software can’t protect your system and valuable data.

Regular scan
Apart from having an antivirus and regular updates , we need to make it a habit to scan your computer system on a regular basic , so any hidden threats can be removed from your system and avoid spreading it over.

Scan and open
When ever you are opening an executable file lile .exe, .com etc make sure you are scanning it. Many of us are lazy enough to avoid this assuming that our antivirussoftware will take care of everything.

Keep away from flash games
Flash games are one of the most evident source for virus and malwares. Technology had grown in such a way that spywares or malwares can be injected to your system on background while you play your games.So be sure you are using flash games from a well reputed site other wise better not to risk.

Avoid malicious sites
Avoid visiting malicious sites , these are the another main source for virus and spywares. Many of the latest virus which may not be captured by your antivirus are ready for an attack on these sites.

Block Popups
Always install good popup blockers and be safe. Popups can install malwares on your system and compromise on your data security.

Email Attachments
Never open an email attachment from a unknown user. Email attachments are considered as the most common method for spreading deadly virus.

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