Friday, September 4, 2009

Hack Friend Pc Through Yahoo Messenger

Note:---Its for education purpose only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
how to hack my friend pc through yahoo messenger?

1) Open Command Prompt. Have some one on yahoo messenger send you a file; while the file is sending, in command prompt type -> netstat -an press enter

2)it will show alll Active Connections on your computer, in there under foreign ip for a number thats ends in 5050. this is the persons ip adress who is sending you the file

3)Now type : net use: h \\ (the person's ip adress)\shareddocs push enter wait for message to show up

4)If it is successful you should get a message saying command prompt was successful. If you get a error message than your attempt has failed, probably because the person has security measures in place to prevent hacking.

5)if you get the message that says command was successful, than go to my computer. There you will see a file named "shareddocs on (the name of your computer)" open this file


  1. and what if I find that someone is hacking my computer? how can I stop the connection??

  2. lol nice way to hack dummies.. but i aint one :)
    dont do this people.