Friday, October 2, 2009

Hack admin without login

Well recently one of my good girl that is a friend got a laptop from her dad. Her dad does websites so the laptop was new and worked fine, but needed to be defraged. The one problem, her nor her dad knew the admin password. I told her to post her question on Trap 17 and it got answered with in minutes.
All you have to do is these few steps:
1. Reboot
2. Before the windows logo comes up press F11 (Just start clicking it over and over again until the windows logo comes up.)
3. Just sit and let it do it's thing and when the login screen comes up click on the Admin icon (It was a picture of a pink flower on her account)
4. After it logs in go to control panel
5. Then go to User Accounts
6. either make an old, non, admin account an admin account or create a new one
6a. If you wanna make a new account just click Create a New Account > Pick a username > Set setting as an admin
6b. If you wanna change an account to an admin: Click the account > Change the Account Type > the Select Admin
7. Then thats it reboot and it's all done. Make sure not to reboot in safe mode though!
the point of this post was how easy XP is hacked. Why is it this easy? Is there software to prevent this? I'm not worried about my PC, but what about others?

Note:----Its only for education purpose only. I will not be liable for any inconvenience

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  1. This Works only if u have left ur admin password blank during windows installation